With a 16-year proven track record in the language services industry, Bosphorus Translation is your one-stop shop for all your English to Turkish and Turkish to English linguistic needs.

I offer Translation, Certified Translation, Transcreation, Localisation, Editing, Copywriting, Transcription and Voice Over services. With memberships in internationally recognised professional industry bodies CIOL and ITI, you can have peace of mind that I adhere to the standards set by these professional organisations.

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First of all reach out to me with your requirement by phone or email and I will send you a quote and estimated finish time for the job. You agree to my terms and conditions before the work can start.


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After you agree to my terms and conditions, I will start working on your request and delivery shall be made by the deadline proposed. Find out more about the services we offer.



Following the delivery of the requested work I will send you an invoice with the payment details. I require payment within 30 days by way of bank transfer which is free of charge within the UK.


What makes aprofessional and competent translator 3 744x285 - What makes a professional and competent translator?

What makes a professional and competent translator?

Why do we need to distinguish ourselves as professional translators? “Professional lawyer”, “professional teacher” or “professional accountant” — you simply don’t see such names of occupations preceded with the word professional. The “liberal professions” go back to the notion of artes liberales. Cicero and Seneca believed these pursuits were carried out by a free person and their…

AdobeStock 320583551 1024x895 1 1024x285 - All you need to know about Turkish

All you need to know about Turkish

I have tried to compile some useful information about the Turkish language in this article, starting with the history and then looking at the characteristics of it. First, the history… The history… Old Turkish Turkish Language goes back 5500-8500 years. It originates in Central Asia (The  oldest written records are found upon stone monuments in…

mentoring concept image 1140x285 - Why clear communication is key to mentoring?

Why clear communication is key to mentoring?

Whether you have just launched your freelance career or you are an experienced translator at a juncture on your career path, wanting to finally specialise but not sure which direction to go; want to diversify in order to gain more income streams or become more resilient against the challenging circumstances of the industry or price…

social CEO 03 1 709x285 - Are you social media savvy?

Are you social media savvy?

How effectively do you use social media for your freelance translation business? It’s needless to say how important social media has become for small businesses and freelancers. The number of people going freelance seems to be on the rise. According to IPSE, there were 2.1 million freelancers in the UK in 2020 (this figure doesn’t…

Ali Yildirim, Certified English to Turkish, Turkish to English Translator.

Adventures of a simultaneous football interpreter

I wasn’t a qualified simultaneous interpreter when I was offered this job. I just rose to the opportunity which was exciting and enticing. The offer was to work as a simultaneous interpreter during the Emirates Cup to which my favourite team Galatasaray was invited, at the Emirates Stadium in London in 2013. Bu there was…

English to Turkish Translator

Unpaid test translations

Unpaid test translations and should you take them? In which circumstances should you take an unpaid test translation? Some experienced translators prefer not to carry out unpaid test translations on principle, some translators would only take unpaid test translations if the test is about 200-300 words long. Surely how long it takes to complete a…

Ali Yildirim, Certified English-Turkish, Turkish-English Translator

Importance of wellbeing for freelancers

Importance of wellbeing for freelancers – lessons from a real-life experience This is not intended to provide a comprehensive outlook on the wellbeing of freelancers. It’s a little article where I draw on my recent life experience when I almost become immobile due to a health issue and the lessons I learned when things get…

Ali Yildirim: Professional, Qualified, Chartered Turkish Translator

With 16 years of experience in the language services industry and working as a professional translator since 2012, I offer English to Turkish, Turkish to English translations and certified translation (English to Turkish) proofreading, interpreting, transcription, transcreation, website translation, localisation, copywriting, content writing services in English to Turkish, Turkish to English language combinations.

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