With a 15 year track record in the language services industry, Bosphorus Translation is your one stop shop for all your linguistic needs in English to Turkish, Turkish to English language combinations.

Bosphorus Translation offers Translation, Certified Translation, Transcreation, Localisation, Editing, Copywriting, Transcription, Voice Over services. With memberships to internationally recognised professional industry bodies CIOL and ITI you can have a piece of mind that I adhere to the standards set by these professional organisations.

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First of all reach out to me with your requirement by phone or email and I will send you a quote and estimated finish time for the job. You agree to my terms and conditions before the work can start.


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My Story of Becoming a Freelance Translator…

From Muddy Trenches to Working in Corporate Offices, My Journey of Becoming a Freelance Translator… Everyone has a unique story. I have always been inspired by the stories of other translators I have met or read about, but this time I want to tell you my own story of becoming a freelance translator. I hope…

History And The General Characteristics of the Turkish Language

Old Turkish -Turkish Language goes back 5500-8500 years. -It originates to Central Asia (The oldest written records are found upon stone monuments in the Orhon, Yenisey and Talas region within the boundaries of present day Mongolia. These were erected to Bilge Kagan (735), Kultigin (732) and vizier Tonyukuk (724-725) of Göktürk Dynasty). -The Turkish of…

Ali Yildirim: Professional, Qualified, Chartered Turkish Translator

With 15 years of experience in the language services industry and working as a professional translator since 2012, I offer English to Turkish, Turkish to English translations and certified translation (English to Turkish) proofreading, interpreting, transcription, transcreation, website translation, localisation, copywriting, content writing services in English to Turkish, Turkish to English language combinations.