Below are some of the testimonials I received.

I received them from my clients over the course of my freelance translation career.

They are extracted from Linkedin and Proz. com and they can be found on Linkedin and

“I have worked with Ali for several years, and I am happy to recommend him as a talented linguist, experienced translator and a highly qualified professional. I highly recommend Ali if you need a professional Turkish translator who is very friendly, prompt and delivers high quality” translations.”

EK - Testimonials

“Ali provided various language services to us at SERMO over the many years I worked there. He was always extremely responsive to emails and queries, as well as timely in his deliveries – always meeting deadlines or even delivering early. I very much appreciated his attention to detail, as he would spot any errors present in the source text, which meant I could warn other linguists working on the same file and also notify my client that amendments were needed. In all the years we worked together, I never once received any negative feedback about his translations, not from fellow linguists nor from clients. What’s more, he’s a friendly and agreeable person to exchange emails with. I can wholeheartedly recommend his services to anyone looking for high-quality translations.”

TP - Testimonials

“Ali is a highly experienced and very proficient translator. He’s a joy to work with and has been extremely reliable when I’ve required his assistance.”

MF - Testimonials

“I worked with Ali for several years in the field of pharmaceuticals/medical and market research, and he was always very professional, prompt, knowledgeable and delivered high quality translations, I was very happy with his work; plus he’s a very nice person to deal with. I’m completely confident that any agency or client would be very lucky and satisfied with his work.”

AM - Testimonials

“For many years, whilst I was working at SERMO (formelry WorldOne Research), Ali has provided consistently good quality translation or proofreading from English into Turkish in the Life Sciences subject fields, on all documents related to our medical studies, including questionnaires and product profiles. Over the years, he has proved to be a reliable linguist and I have personally worked with him on many large projects. His work has always been of very high standards. Ali has also shown a helpful, friendly attitude, combined with great competence and high productivity when he managed to complete his tasks with great accuracy within tight deadlines. He is also a very conscientious, hardworking linguist who would research thoroughly on the subject matter he is dealing with. Throughout these years, he has always offered great support to me and the rest of my team. I would have no hesitations in recommending him to any new employer and wish him great success in all his future assignments.”

AZ - Testimonials

“Ali provided excellent language services for many years while I was at the helm of the Translation function at SERMO (formerly WorldOne). His translations were always of great quality. Moreover, he stood out as one of the most responsive and reliable freelancers on the database. I cannot recommend enough his services to any firm looking for a committed, professional, loyal, and flexible Turkish translator.”

GG - Testimonials

“I worked with Ali on various translation projects and he has always been very professional and delivered very good quality translations on a timely manner. He is very customer focused and his price is very reasonable. I hope we can keep working together in future projects.”

CS - Testimonials

“Finding a topclass Turkish translator in the UK is not so straightforward as you think. I am therefore very pleased I found Ali back in 2008. I have worked with him for more than 5 years on a variety of projects. He is knowledgable, correct en highly professional. He never missed a deadline and is pleasant to deal with. Would highly recommend him for translation and editing.”

EH - Testimonials

“I have been working with Ali since early 2012 and he has proven to be a very conscientious and thorough translator. His work is always of the highest quality, he has never missed a deadline and he’s a consummate professional. I recommend him very highly.”

Craig - Testimonials

“I have worked with Ali on many written and oral translation projects and have found him to be very reliable and punctual. He is open to others suggestions and can inplement them along with his own. The final product is always of very high quality and would recommend him to anyone.”

GB - Testimonials

“I worked with Ali for years. He is a very reliable translator, always prompt to reply, professional both in communication and his work. It is a pleasure to work him and highly recommended.”

BB - Testimonials

“I had been working with Ali on several translation projects and at all times he had been very professional and providing me with a very good service. It had been a pleasure working with Ali and I recommend his work to everyone.”

SS - Testimonials

“On the several occasions that Ali carried out translation work for me, the work was carried out to a consistently high level, providing high quality translations always delivered on time at very competitive prices.”

CCNW - Testimonials

“I am writing to confirm that Ali has been working with for at least two years. During this time he has worked on several projects proving himself to be efficient and capable. If you have any further questions with regard to his background or qualifications, please do not hesitate to contact me.”

AJ 1 - Testimonials

“Ali is a very good translator. Reliable and and fast too”

VI - Testimonials

“Ali worked on an unusual project for me. I was very pleased with the outcome and found him to be reliable, responsive and very pleasant to deal with.”

SW 1024x138 - Testimonials

“We have worked with Ali for more than 5 years on a variety of projects. He is knowledgable, correct en highly professional. He never missed a deadline and is pleasant to deal with. Would highly recommend him for translation and editing.”

PM 1024x125 - Testimonials

“Ali has proven to be a very conscientious and thorough translator. His work is always of the highest quality and he has never missed a deadline.”

CGB 1024x118 - Testimonials

“Nice, reliable, prompt!”

L24 1024x114 - Testimonials

“Ali is very efficient and professional. It is a pleasure to work with him.”

SW 1 1024x138 - Testimonials

“We have worked with Ali on a number of Turkish into English projects and are very happy with both the quality of the work and the service i.e. turnaround, communication etc”

OT 1024x112 - Testimonials

“Preferred En>Tu translator for the company. Efficient, excellent communication and translation skills. Highly recommended.”

CL 1024x120 - Testimonials

“happy with quality of service ranslations received”

FR 1024x109 - Testimonials

“Friendly, flexible and reliable”

KI 1024x113 - Testimonials

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I offer English to Turkish language services including translation, localisation, transcreation, copywriting, copyediting, proofreading and editing. Please contact me preferably by email to discuss your requirements today. I will strive to offer you the most comprehensible solutions based on your needs.


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